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The Classic Blues Show

From Bessie Smith to Buddy Guy, from Jimmy Rogers to Jimi Hendrix - The Classic Blues Show celebrates the finest blues music from the last 60 years.

This six-piece band of experienced musicians has roots - and branches and leaves too, perhaps - all firmly anchored in the blues. This is the blues of not just the Delta, Chicago, and elsewhere in the USA but also the blues of Ealing, Dartford and wherever else formed the British Blues Boom of the 60's and beyond.

No frills, no gimmicks, no fads, no fashions, just stompin' good blues, in the finest traditions, played by an unpretentious and solid outfit, battle hardened by decades of experience on and off the road. This band has seen it, done it and got the T shirt. Road warriors in the finest tradition, making accessible music for an audience to lose itself in the thrill of live music. These band mates have paid their dues and honed their craft through a range of musical endeavours, from pop to jazz and most things in between, but bonded by a common love of the most universal music of the lot. The blues.

The horn section of Ridley and Ross bring their high quality jazz roots, giving an extra dimension to the rhythm and blues, while Franko and Deane have formed a rhythm section that drives the music onwards. Guitarist and vocalist Clive and Roger K have a long understanding after years of playing in blues bands, delighting festivals and Blues Clubs throughout the Midlands. They are all now doing what they enjoy best, hitting the stage - and The Classic Blues Show is quickly gaining a reputation for fantastic live performances.

All advance tickets are £12.50 each, with on the door tickets charged at £15.

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Saturday 23rd March, 2024

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