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Monument to the Vanquished: Part 1 - The Commoners (Exhibition)

All welcome to the FREE Launch Night on Tuesday 4th October 2022, 6pm. No booking necessary.

Exhibition: 3 October - 11 November (open to public Tuesday to Friday, 10am - 4.30pm)

A Meadow Arts project by Leah Gordon and Annabel Edwards

There are 1.3 million acres of common land in England and Wales. Artist Leah Gordon and researcher Annabel Edwards identified pockets of such land in Shropshire and took pictures of those who still hold common rights there. These could be the rights to right to graze animals or collect firewood. This exhibition of black and white photographs, made on an analogue medium-format camera were then hand-tinted, imbuing them with a magical, mystical air, a snapshot back to the 17th Century. The photos are accompanied by personal stories, the commoners status of the sitters as well as explorations of the local history and myths of the land.