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Joshua Burnell and Annie Dressner

“A creatively fearless artist... 5/5" - RnR Magazine

"Much of it would fit comfortably in a Peter-Gabriel era Genesis set (though said group never wrote anything as catchy as Don't Lose Your Faith). - The Observer

“His music takes on chameleon dimensions with alt-folk, glam rock, & classical influences – musics of the past which he skilfully brings to the present." - Irish Music Magazine

Joshua Burnell makes retro pop-rock for the modern world. His latest album, Glass Knight - which according to the Financial Times, "plays like a lost out-take from Spiders-From-Mars-era Bowie" - won over a lot of new fans upon its release in Autumn. Expect hooky melodies drenched in warm, retro-synth textures, reverbing guitars, lush harmonies and words that make you think. Imagine The War On Drugs meets Genesis with “lashings of Peter Gabriel stylings,” - The Guardian.


Born and bred in the heart of NYC, Annie's musical journey started at an unexpected crossroads. The night of her high school graduation, she picked up the family guitar for the very first time and discovered a hidden passion that would change her life. Inspired by icons like Simon & Garfunkel, Carly Simon, and Ben Kweller, she began crafting her own melodies, often humming her thoughts like a secret soundtrack to city life.

Annie's artistic odyssey led her to countless open mic nights in the bustling streets of New York, where she learned the art of performance and songwriting. It wasn't just about singing; it was about baring her soul through her own creations. These experiences ignited a fire within her, setting the stage for her debut solo show at legendary NYC venue 'The Bitter End' in 2008.

An avid collaborator, she's since shared her talent with the likes of David Ford, Polly Paulusma, and Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), yet Annie's voice stands out as a singular force. Her music serves as a reminder that even in life's chaos, there's beauty to be found in its soundtrack.

She didn't choose the conventional path, pivoting from her first love of theatre to later embarking on a musical journey that would define her. Those Open mics became her training ground, cultivating not only her craft but also a vibrant community of fellow songwriters and musicians.

Though Annie now calls Cambridge home, her music still resonates with a unique NYC flair, showcasing her knack for rich storytelling, mesmerizing melodies, and lyrics that cut straight to the heart. Often with double-tracked vocals adding depth to her sound, Annie's music strikes a balance between familiarity and contemporary freshness.

Her muse is her own life, a canvas where she paints the vibrant hues of her experiences. Through music, she navigates the world and her place within it, sometimes discovering her true emotions in the process. Some of her songs are personal, while others are inspired by the stories of those around her.

A regular on the UK touring and festival circuit, her accolades most recently include a nomination for Female Artist of the Year at FATEA Magazine.

She has been likened to an ‘uptempo Mazzy Star’, Phoebe Bridgers and First Aid Kit.

In the words of others:

"Dressner is able to paint visceral images and transport the listener to the world of the song." - American Songwriter

"...This album is low key one of the best pop releases of 2020." - Paste Magazine “


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